The development of mental toughness  is instrumental in the development of players at Bristol Rovers. At Bristol Rovers, we are supporting an environment which helps build character by valuing learning, hard work and commitment as key to the way our players interact with information delivered and participate in practices and matches. Above all, however, it is during difficult situations when it becomes more difficult to learn, work hard and maintain commitment that our players need to have a strong character.

Character represents the way in which our players reacts in different situations. A strong character is represented by staying true to your values and beliefs under circumstances of sustained pressure

Your character is largely a representation of your personality, which links to your mental toughness. Mental toughness is a part of someone’s character and can relate specifically to different situations in a young players lifestyle and training. At Bristol Rovers, educational workshops with parents, players and coaches provide practical ways to develop mental toughness.

See an example of the character of the mentally tough elite athlete Non Stanford below!