Vision & Values

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Mission Statement

Bristol Rovers strive to provide a program that focuses on the development of “better people, better players” to support the development of players who can progress to play professional football with Bristol Rovers. With this in mind our mission is…

‘To create a positive and engaging learning environment based on honest hard-working values where we will challenge players to understand the game, make excellent decisions and be the best person they can be with a passion for improvement, a winning mentality and a love of the game to produce players who can make the transition to first team football within Bristol Rovers’


Academy Vision

The Academy will support the ambitions of the Football Club by nurturing individuals who can sustain careers as professional players. The primary aim is to produce homegrown players who can make the transition to first team football with Bristol Rovers and beyond, whilst also being realistic that only a small percentage of players will sustain careers in the game. We therefore have a duty to prepare players for this reality by ensuring a balance between footballing development, education, and personal development.

Fundamentally our aim is to allow children to be children, to play, to create friendships, to learn life skills, to learn how to be successful and how to deal with failure. Not to be misled and sold false dreams. Our aspiration is that at whatever stage a player leaves the Academy programme they will have found the experience beneficial to their development as people as well as players.

As a programme, we aim to be regarded as the best Cat 3 programmes primarily in the South West, as well as across the country – known for our commitment to developing quality players within an environment that engages players, parents, and the wider community. This will in turn ensure our Academy is attractive to players who will want to be part of our success, making us as big an attraction as our Cat-2 and Cat-1 competitors locally. The long-term aspiration is to progress to Cat-2 status.

We aim to provide a program that focuses on the development of “better people, better players” where our core values of positive attitude, work-rate and respect underpin the development of the players from a holistic approach. This will be fostered through creating a safe and positive working environment for all.

As well as a comprehensive holistic program within the Academy, we also will provide a structured program at the Pre-Academy stages. This will be fully aligned with the Academy playing and coaching philosophies and serve a dual purpose to firstly support the development of young players alongside the local junior clubs whilst also being the primary source of recruitment for the youngest players into the Academy itself.


Academy Values

 The Club and Academy prides itself on high moral and ethical standards, and it is essential that all those associated to the Academy understand and adopt the approaches the club presents. This will include values and standards relate to approaches and behaviours both on and off the field which will be visible in a number of ways:

 Players will uphold the rules of the game and will play in the spirit the game is intended. This will mean full respect referees, other players and all staff.

  • A three-way code of conduct, as presented by the Football League and signed by each party on registering to the club will be honoured
  • Both players and staff agreeing to the standards required by the club at the start of each season will sign a club code of conduct.

 The Football Club takes a responsibility with not only developing better players but developing individuals who:

 ·           Demonstrate the ability to be a professional player at all times on and off the pitch

·           Develop a work ethic

·           Possess a winning mentality for the process of development into the 1st team environment

·           Are adaptable to changes in football management and styles of play

·           Can problem solve to overcome various situations to produce a positive result

·           Possess a self-motivated attitude to excel in all areas

Bristol Rovers recognises that Football is a team sport; we need others to interact with and against. To do this we need effectively we need to develop players who:

 Well behaved; applies appropriate focus during matches and coaching, meet the clubs expectations and code of conduct.

  • Are good learners; recognises the importance of learning and uses a range of strategies to develop his game
  • Recognise the importance of the team; understands his role within the team and effectively applies the duel demands of being a leader and a follower.
  • Can manage relationships effectively; works effectively with others both on and off the pitch
  • Demonstrate independence; displays traits of independence in a constructive and effective way.

 Ultimately, the Academy echo the Club’s core belief that Players with high potential to progress to become professional footballers will display outstanding Attitude, Effort, and Ability, in that order.