Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is important for young players, their parents and the staff at Bristol Rovers Football Club. It contains guidelines and rules that:


a)     Outline expectations

b)     Ensure safety and fairness

c)     Reduce conflict

d)     Ensure high standards of discipline


It is a form of contract with expectations and responsibilities for all those involved and should be read in conjunction with the Club’s child protection document. We hope to create a positive professional environment that will allow each player to maximize his potential as a footballer and develop into a responsible adult. Every member of The Bristol Rovers Academy should aspire to levels of excellence, both on and off the field.


Bristol Rovers Football Club agrees to provide:


1.     A safe environment in which players can learn and develop without fear of abuse.

2.     Medical screening, treatment, monitoring, advice and support.

3.     A coaching and training programme appropriate to the needs and ability to each individual.

4.     Opportunities to play in high quality Academy games.

5.     A profiling and feedback programme that will help each individual to reach his maximum potential.

6.     An environment that will not tolerate any form of racial discrimination.

7.     An environment that ensures players are treated equally and with the same respect, regardless of their ability.

8.     Guidelines to the student and parent/guardians on the best ways for them to contribute to the Student’s football and personal development.

9.     Educational support (in conjunction with the Student’s school) to ensure the continued academic and personal development of the Student.

10.  To adhere to the rules laid down for the operation of a Academy.




The Player agrees to:


1.     Attend the Bristol Rovers Academy regularly and punctually for coaching and games.

2.     Provide notice and reasons for any absences to your coach.

3.     Immediately report any injury to the appropriate physiotherapist and remain under the care of the physiotherapist until given permission to resume coaching and playing.

4.     Behave at all times, with self-discipline on and off the pitch.

5.     Practice with enthusiasm the techniques and skills taught by Bristol Rovers Academy, make them an important part of a daily programme and attempt to apply them in matches. Listen carefully to the information given to you by your coach.

6.     Play and train with shirt tucked in, socks up and shin pads on.

7.     Seek permission from your coach to participate in any match outside normal school hours. Academy games should take priority.

8.     Be sporting and competitive in all games and treat opposition and officials with respect.

9.     Attend school regularly and punctually. Complete all assignments and homework on time and behave in a cooperative and pleasant manner.

10.  Follow a lifestyle appropriate to a professional athlete with good eating and drinking habits. Sleeping sensibly is also an important part of your development (in bed no later than 9pm for junior pupils and no later than 10pm for secondary pupils).

11.  Discuss any problems with personal tutor/coach initially. He may then refer you on to another member of the Academy Staff.

12.  Adhere to Bristol Rovers FC Code of Conduct and the rules for the operation of its rules for it’s Academy.





The Players/Guardians agree to:


1.     Encourage and help the player meet targets in his practicing, playing and schoolwork.

2.     Positively support the player without pressure and praise his achievements.

3.     Support the work of the staff at the Bristol Rovers Academy.

4.     Set a good example to the player at all times.

5.     Seek advice from the player’s coach/tutor when needed.

6.     Communicate with the appropriate Academy Staff, keeping them informed about matters affecting the player.

7.     Seek the permission from his coach for the player to play in any matches outside normal school hours.

8.     Ensure that Academy games take priority and that he does not exceed 30 games per season.

9.     Respect the opportunity given to the player and do not approach, or permit any other person to approach, any club during the period of his registration, except as allowed under the Rules and Regulations governing Football Academy’s.

10.  Adhere to the Bristol Rovers Code of Conduct and the rules for the operation of the Academy.
Players Information


This simple set of ‘ground rules’ is intended to give a framework in which to develop a strong and positive attitude.


At Bristol Rovers Football Club, we have high standards both on and off the field of play and we are determined to maintain them. We expect all of our players to represent the Club to the highest standard possible both through playing and through personal contact with others.


This is our code of practice and as a player you are expected to follow it:


Whenever you are representing Bristol Rovers Football Club, always be smartly dressed. Only tracksuits / kit issued by Bristol Rovers Football Club are to be worn.
Always behave in a sociable manner, be polite and make an effort to talk to people.
Always give people a friendly greeting and remember to say goodbye.
Always prepare yourself thoroughly for training sessions and matches.  Remember to eat sensibly, make sure you get the right amount of sleep and remember the importance of warm up and warm down routines.
On the field of play, always play fairly within the rules and NEVER question the referee’s decision.  Always turn up to matches with clean boots and remember that looking smart applies to your appearance on the pitch also, so make sure that you start the game with socks rolled up and shirt tucked in.
When the game finishes, shake hands with the officials and the opposition.
When you return to the changing rooms, hand your kit back according to the Coach’s instructions (do not leave it lying around) and remember to have a shower.  Hot water and soap are excellent for helping muscles to recover.  Make sure you leave the changing room in a tidy fashion.
We are very firm with all our players and demand that they have a good attitude and work rate. The club believes that the core values of a professional football player are Attitude, Commitment and Ability, in that order.